Monday, February 22, 2010

Distinction between furniture and building

I am using this post as a reminder...

Thermarium by Daniel Rabin and Annie Ritz

It's a great project, have a look! This project is going to be in the -arium book (on the bottom of this post).
"The Thermarium envisions a new beach typology for the Toronto Waterfront. Responding to the lack of swimming at Toronto’s new urban beaches and consistent CSO (combined sewage overflow) closures at surrounding swim areas, the Thermarium offers new possibilities for water immersion and activity that are enabled, rather than prohibited, by the polluted run-off instigated by heavy rainstorms."

[Thermarium Site Plan.  Image c/o Daniel Rabin & Annie Ritz][Adapting the Silos into a processor. Image c/o Daniel Rabin & Annie Ritz][Site Processing. Image c/o Daniel Rabin & Annie Ritz][Bubbles as a pressure-programme device. Image c/o Daniel Rabin & Annie Ritz][The (by)productive landscape of the Urban Beach created by Rain overflow. Image c/o Daniel Rabin & Annie Ritz][Accumulation and subtraction over time. Image c/o Daniel Rabin & Annie Ritz][Interior view of grotto-like spaces. Image c/o Daniel Rabin & Annie Ritz][Sectional perspective showing various pool typologies. Image c/o Daniel Rabin & Annie Ritz][Water cleansliness, temperature and location determine its type and ecosystem. Image c/o Daniel Rabin & Annie Ritz][Atmospheric spaces initiated from rain overflow. Image c/o Daniel Rabin & Annie Ritz]

Infranet Lab

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Neutralidad en la Red

Sorry for non spanish native speakers... the video is in spanish. And it does explain the importance of the neutrality of Internet and how dangerous it could become in a near future in Spain if it does stop being Neutral!!

Let's Jump by MVRDV

Its for the "Contemplating the void: interventions in the guggenheim museum solomon r.guggenheim museum, new york".  MVRDV 

LoftCube by Werner Aisslinger

Werner Aisslinger Studio (the same as the last post involving the work with glass) also made a great improvement by creating high end affordable houses called LoftCubes few years ago... Even though back at the beginning prices weren't as expensive as they are now they are still quite cheap (you can buy a full house without the land for 100000 Euros. And once you buy it its ready to transport into anywhere with everything inside.



Karlsruhe University Glass Design

This one is posted because the experimentation involved... its also good for my brainstorming. I always get fascinated by videos like the one below that shows the hole process of making these glass pieces. Organized by Werner Aisslinger for Karlsruhe University of Arts Design.

Musgum Clay Houses

There is a really good explanation of the picture at Designboom. Its does worth reading it.