Saturday, January 30, 2010


I found it interesting (specially the concept behind the model).


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bruce Mau talking about Sustainability

Talking here about sustainability I found this to be gold:

Q: What is the biggest hurdle between us and an oil free world?

A: I think it is actually human behaviour. if you think about it, we already have enough. e.o. wilson a life scientist once said that we could already get to a one world sustainable practice with what we already have. so we don’t need to invent new things, if we just change the way we behave. but we have a mountain of proof that we are not going to change out of an altruistic moto. in other words, even if we 
understand we should do certain things we don’t. this is true even of people like me who are committed to this way of thinking.

I was recently having dining with a few friends who are prominent environmentalists and we were all talking about the things we were working on. I brought up what e.o. wilson said, that if the whole world lived like americans, we would need four additional planet earths, but if the whole world lived like the people sitting at this table we would need thirty five plant earths. so even people who are committed to sustainability aren’t going to change. if you watch al gore’s movie, an inconvenient truth, almost all the photographs of him are in a plane. so we see that the behaviour is not going to automatically change, we have to design the change. we have to design new ways of doing things that are more compelling that the old.

Edible States by Fritz Haeg

I found it quite interesting... I just read an interview of the writer and I found terrific this bit:

Q: what is the biggest hurdle between us and an oil free world?

A: I think the projects I’m doing are not motivated by this, they are coming at it from such a different direction. I’m interested in creating projects that are demonstrative of the world that I personally want to live in. one where I’m growing my own food and there are gardens in the street and there are animals in the city and I can only imagine the implication that that would have if everyone did it. so I’m not specifically coming at it from an engineer’s or architect’s point of view that is quantifying anything.


'Crou' - 100 recycled container student housing by Olgga Architectes

As as I said many times before, this is nothing new... but I like the fact that containers are here a cheap alternative for student housing, something that seems obvious but haven't been until now.

Housing in container is one of those things that you heard 25000 times in a classroom.

Nature of Material by Ran Amitai

I like the fact that it could be done in paper.

Indeed, the precedent models where made in paper:


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ekokook by Faltazi or "how amazing..."

It's so well explained in the images and drawing that I can't hardly add anything.