Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tibi and her Cello: She will go far...

Have an eye on this young lady, she is steeping hard on the ground, and for sure we will hear about her in the future. With a unique style that could be described as Neo-Folk or Alternative Folk 

She is studding in LIPA, a music school in Liverpool created by Paul McCartney. While attending LIPA she has been playing also with some other artist that are entering into the spanish big scene (even though she mostly sings in english).

Here there is the Link to her Myspace where she only has one song (yet) to listen, anyway there are some rumors that a full Album will be soon recorder. If you have the chance to listen the song, you will find that the song worths the effort (if this could be considered an effort...).

Some of the artists she has been playing with:

Alex Ferreira

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