Sunday, January 10, 2010

Via Edgar Gonzalez

No need to presentation really... Anyone that is from Spain (or knows spanish) and has something to do with architecture knows that Edgar Gonzalez Blog is a MUST.

I found his two latest post really interesting and useful, even though I knew them since a long time a go. Specially interesting the one about typography, because I just finished a couple of books about that topic and I usually think that is one of those things that architects don't really know how to manage. The tendency is more about visual impact and being "cool" rather than make it work properly.

First web page recommended is the biggest free 3d materials web page, cgtextures

untitled [CG Textures]   The worlds largest free texture site

The second link is a really interesting web page about typography (as I said before), unostiposduros
201001101619 Tipos

Then I recomment Myfonts

And the book I just finished about Typography

What is Typography? (New in paperback) (Essential Design Handbooks)(amazon)

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