Monday, October 25, 2010

Indoor Clouds (Cloudscapes) by Tetsuo Kondo Architects + Transsolar

I were in the Architectural Biennial in Venice last week, and one of the most promising things for me to watch was this indoor clouds. But sometimes destiny plays its own way and I end up watching a room full of humidity and thats about it. Even though it wasn't the Biennial fault nor the artist, the problem is that in order to make interior clouds there must be certain conditions (stacking a warm humid layer 25º and 100%RH between a lower cool dry layer 18º and 40% RH and a higher hot dry layer of 37º and 60%RH) without these conditions clouds won't form indoors.... So the problem there was that the door was open half of the time because it is an exhibition and you can't  forbid people from moving to the next intervention in their way, and obviously it was impossible to keep the air in the proper form. But anyway I still think that it is very interesting, hopefully for the first visitors during the morning they probably had the chance to watch these spectacular cloud formations.


Tetsuo Kondo Architects


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