Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TED Talks: Barry Schuler; Robin Chase; David Keith

Some of the videos are here not because I am interested in the main topic but because certain detail or part of them. For instance Robin Chase main topic doesn't interest me a bit, as CO2 reduction focus shouldn't be mainly over cars (that's what a big part of the industry wants us to think), and as David Keith says... the economic reasons implied in lowering CO2 are blocking us into making other important decisions being worth talking (also even if we are ever able to reduce CO2 emissions the concentrations in the atmosphere will still be there as concentration means = accumulation over the years). What I do appreciate about Robin is in fact the collective reasons of information and transportation, the zipcar as a new urban formula and the future it brings (apart for the eloquent green topic behind).

Keith main topic is extremely interesting and important (I am not saying with this: "forget about CO2", I also think it's important to go "sustainable" and to reduce CO2, with out forgeting that sustainable doesn't only imply CO2). And Barry Schuler is fresh air, how to read the new manual of codes (also thanks because I never thought before about medicines as let's see if it works). As I pointed in a quote one or two days ago "if you don't know how to do it then you don't understand it".

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