Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Parkour by Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture

Connection through cutting diagonally the old building seems something to remark and the possibilities of the apartments are interesting too. It's good to reuse old buildings and change them into new ones with different uses of even the same. Most of the time I fell like constructing new buildings at the rate we have been last years its kind of unnecessary and not very sustainable either. Specially when you read and hear that there are a lot of empty spaces in already consolidated cities and buildings.

"Swedish firm Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture's 'Parkour' is a proposal of a redesign
of an old mental hospital in gothenburg. here apartments will be connected by large
common areas cutting through the old building and creating social and physical links."

"The structure and depth of the existing building challenged the architect's to consider
the unexpected. could people's needs and requirements for housing quality be maintained
and exceeded within the challenging framework? the apartments are divided in two parts
that complement each other and combined creates an extremely flexible apartment.
first an ultra-compact zone of installations with kitchen, shower, toilet, laundry, some
storage, ventilation, electrical installations, media outlet, sockets and switches. then
the second part is built up of super-flexible functional zones that grow, shrink, disappear
and come back due to daily needs and desires."

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