Monday, March 1, 2010

Maritime Jurisdiction and Posible Baselines

I've found an article that explains maritime jurisdiction and the two kind of baselines (divisions) which are Straight and Normal.  I am not going to explain in detail, but I am leaving a link were you can read it all about this topic and the beginning paragraph that explains  how this baselines work. I am including here this info because I always wonder what makes the sea out of Jurisdiction or not.

"What is a baseline?  A baseline is a legal construct: a boundary line that determines where a State’s maritime sovereignty and jurisdiction begins and ends.  In fact, baselines determine all areas of maritime jurisdiction.  They create a demarcation between areas where a State has no rights and those where a State does enjoy rights..  We should now note that the default baseline under UNCLOS is the normal baseline.  According to Article 5 of UNCLOS, a normal baseline is drawn at the low-water line, as stated in official charts.  Perhaps the easiest way to think of a normal baseline is as an “outline” of a State’s coast.  Waters on the landward side of a baseline are considered a State's internal waters, treated much in the way that land would be treated.  However, in some situations, it is either impractical or uneconomical to draw a normal baseline.  In such cases, straight baselines are used in lieu of normal baselines."


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