Sunday, March 7, 2010

Using Mycelium to save the planet

It's not my first fascination about fungi, I already research the use of fungi to create wall material and use it in architecture. But all these information is in many many ways greater, listen carefully to the explanations on the video (because he is a fast speaker).

"Stamets is a Mycologist, and his research into the fungi Mycelium is creating exciting advancements in bio-remediation, pest control, vaccinations and even energy."

"Mycelium, as Stamets says in his 2008 TED talk are the ultimate soil builders. The mother of trees. We are more closely related to fungi then any other kingdom. They are external neurological membranes, and this microbial universe gives rise to a plurality of other organisms. It is earth's natural internet, highly branched with alternative paths that cling to soil, decomposing matter and creating stability."

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