Tuesday, March 2, 2010

UNStudio Tornado

I didn't know that artificial tornados are common, and I was impress to see this video of an artificial tornado made by the architecture firm UNStudio for Mercedes benz. This is what I find more exciting about the topic:

"The low pressure area at the center of the tornado works to create a jet stream that draws smoke out of the building's corridors and funnels it upwards and out an exhaust vent on the roof."

"It's a dramatic way of ventilating an atrium... could be nice for the Guggenheim in New York, as well."

"Or perhaps horizontal tornadoes could roll through the New York subway system every night from 2-5am, cleaning out the underworld of its dust and potato chip bags. Perhaps even inside this New Haven parking garage, shown below, with its "fabulous concrete circulation drum""

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