Monday, March 29, 2010

Why "Tron Legacy" Will be Awesome: the Director's an Architect

Tron was one of my favorite films when I was a Kid (that's why I am probably a little freaky). Anyway, I am expecting much from the film and I just read an amazing thing... The director is not a film director, it's an architect. At first I was shocked so I just had to look the reason of doing such thing (picking an architect instead of someone from the film industry). And after searching I just realized that it just makes completely sense.

At this point is when everyone is expecting the WHY. Ok, who else can say that has an amazing design background, Web-design, a fine appreciation of space and how it flows, the texture of the movie means that he also had to have a knack with graphic design and product-design; and the heavy CGI means he has to understand animation work flows like a master.

Who else but a trained-architect has a resume like that?

untitled.jpgTron Legacy

Then here you can see a conference with Joseph Kosinski (the director).

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