Tuesday, March 2, 2010

#climatedata "data activism" by Manuel Lima and Jer Thorp

Very well graphed (or maybe is illustrated I am not sure of what's the regular word to use in this cases). It's easy to understand and it shows you a part of history in almost no time. You can see evolution in technology first and then the globalization of the 20th century with a clear expansion after the 50's. Also this is very useful information.

#climatedata from Michael Schieben on Vimeo.

"The video tracks monthly mean temperature readings as measured by a (gradually expanding) network of weather stations over the course of three centuries. This visualization was produced with data released by the United Kingdom's Met Office a few months ago as part of the #climatedata "data activism" initiative proposed by information designers Manuel Lima and Jer Thorp."

Update: I found out that Manuel Lima is the one who carries the web Visualcomplexity which for many it's almost an Icon an maybe I shouldn't even use the word "almost"

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