Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Taipei Pop Music center by Mario Bellini Architects

What I find interesting is the tridimensional landscape that generates its own space of perception blocking in part the surroundings and at the same time is communicated with the city (even views in specific points communicate with the city). Also the fact that it works as a walking itinerary its interesting.

"Italian firm Mario Bellini Architects proposal for the taipei pop music center is
a single body wrapped in a plastic 'mantle plant' . the hill like structure is connected
through glass passage ways, allowing guests numerous views of the landscape
and standing out as an iconic landmark for the city."

The project aims to:

"Sew into a single system environment / landscaping all areas to green spaces that
characterize the spaces adjacent."

" Put in direct relation to and perception of the city and the new 'house of music' through
the definition of public open space, created by the shape of the canyon that contains
the various functions provided extending from west to east as the backbone of the entire
composition space."

"To transform the tpmc for a real urban magnet that can arise as a powerful icon, able to
attract flows of people able to generate a creative context and thus to become the architectural
ensemble dedicated to music and functions associated therewith a new cultural epicenter
of the city of taipei."

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