Sunday, April 11, 2010

Containersystem 1530 and Valet by Postfossil

One is bold, simple and can be redone in many ways. The other one is bold, simple and elegant. What else could you ask for? (and both are useful, which is more important than anything else said before). Designed by different people from Postfossil

"Containersystem 1530 by Daniel Gafner. With the container system „1530“ several needs can be covered, whether as a room partition or as a side table, you can create the most diverse structures. The simple container elements made from french seapine plywood are based on a raster of 15 and 30 centimetres."

"The prominent fluting of the containers allows for a tool-less yet extraordinarily stable interlinkage of the elements with standard foldback pegs. The system „1530“ is the evolution of a travelling library for a collection of art books. The stacking of moving boxes in order to avoid clearing out and putting back in the books every time, was the idea for this library."

"Through the reduction to four aligned formats and the possibility of easy, tool-less interlinkage the system can house various sizes of books, media and other objects. Through the matching base element the containers are not directly placed on the floor and are thus better protected from dirt and dust."

"Valet by Anna Blattert. Valet is an elegantly swung coatrack made from bent wood. Functionally related to the valet stand the clothes are hung on the clotheshanger for airing or hung directly over the bar."

"Folded up Valet takes up a minimum of space. The traditional method of steam bending takes advantage of the characteristics of the solid wood and does not require any additives."

"The simple folding system allows quick setup and quick storing. The airing out of garments prevents having to wash them excessively and helps to save energy. Material: Oiled nutwood or lackered ash."

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