Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Aquacontour is The End of Circular Crops

I found this info by NL Architects blog:

"The Aquacontour by Gardena is a sprinkler irrigation system that allows for free-form lawns.
Virtually any shape can be programmed without wasting water. Is the Aquacontour the beginning of a new type of land art? When can we start harvesting a Matisse or a Jean Arp? Surprisingly the new center pivot irrigation can do 90 degree corners as well. A soccer pitch can be watered from the middle circle with one single sprinkler… By creating square irrigation ‘circles’ 20% more land can be used!"

The meaning of this apart of being capable of making art is that you can irrigate the 100% of flat land without the need of a human being going around... Think of the possibilities!

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