Friday, April 9, 2010

The Dutch Dialogues workshops

This is for sure clever thinking... if you are a city surrounded by water and you want to keep it that way for many years (from my point of view everything is ephemeral even if we don't want to recognize it, centuries of obsession with buildings that will stay forever is just illogical in every possible way), maybe you should look to the Netherlands... they have been fighting against water since centuries (probably since the beginning of the first shelters).

So what happened to New Orleans could have been prevented if someone had look to the Netherlands a long time ago. Obviously the French and Spanish (first colonies in Louisiana) wasn't prepared for what was surrounding the area. If the first colonies would have been from the Netherlands the history would have been different for sure...

Here you can download the First and Second Dutch Dialogs.pdf
And here you can see the main Dutch Dialogs webpage

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