Friday, April 9, 2010

Information is Beautiful

I see this as a web you should be keeping an eye at least once in a while. Basically its information presented in complex graphics that simplified the way of understanding the information provided. Most of them really well done, graphically speaking and also the information that they provide is really useful.
I think it's called "data flow"

Who Really Spends The Most On Their Military? - Information is Beautiful
The Solar System As Music Box
Snake Oil Supplements
Tide Prediction by Wilfred Castillo

Left vs Right - David McCandless & Stefanie Posavec - Information Is Beautiful Tide Prediction - Wilfred Castillo - Information is BeautifulIn Your Dreams - Kailie Parrish - Information Is BeautifulHow Do I Get My Girlfriend To Shave? Information Is BeautifulHow Safe Is Your Password? - Robin Richards - Information Is BeautifulSnakeOil? The scientific evidence for health supplementsWhen Sea Levels Attack

Information is Beautiful

It would be like Visual Complexity but with worthy information to check and compare.

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