Friday, April 23, 2010

Vakko Headquarters and Power Media Center by REX

Some forward ideas over here. My favorite one is the use of reflexion and how the building emphasize the beams. Plus the interior is very dislocated but when viewed from the outside seems consistent and uniform. How they created voids is interesting too.

The most important issue is that the building it's built over an abandoned skeleton of an unfinished hotel project using and modifying plans from another canceled project in the united states, allowing construction to begin only four days after REX received the commission.

The structure of the unfinished hotel before REX:

Program distribution:

REX Architecture


nijota said...

en la img de distribucion...."plaza" y el resto en ingles jaja.
Me molan mchisimo las fotos de los cristales


JF es que "plaza" también es una palabra inglesa...